Breach Happens

We read about it in the headlines every day. 143 million credit accounts compromised at Equifax, another 37 million customer credit cards exposed at Panera Bread. How does this keep happening and is there a way to stop these massive data breaches? Sadly, for most companies the answer is no.

Research Suggests... Research suggests that most companies have unprotected data and poor cybersecurity practices in place, making them prime targets for data breach and hackers. Computer hacking is big business and is a global operation. In 2017, 20% of all cyber attacks originated in China, 11% from the United States, and 6% from Russia. For large corporations, those that have not invested sufficiently in their cybersecurity infrastructure lose on average $2.4 million from a breach and it takes them 50 days to correct the problem [1]. For small businesses, even a fraction of that financial loss would be devastating.

Attacking Small Business You might be saying, “my business is small and we don’t have valuable data that hackers would want. Certainly, we are not at risk.” Well that goes without saying. Around 61% of data breaches in 2017 were small businesses. What is important is not the value of your data for sale on the Dark Web, but the value of your data to you. Can you run your business without access to your data if it were lost? That’s the angle of Ransomware. Remove access to your day-to-day business data and force you to pay a ransom to get access back. While you could rebuild your valuable business files back over time, what about right now? If your budget is like many small businesses, money needs to be coming in consistently. If you were down for a month trying to reacquire all of your important information, what sort of damage would that cause to your bottom line?

Preparation We like to say that Education is the Best Defense in cybersecurity. Educating your employees on basic computer security practices goes a long way. And shoring up your network defense with solid controls is a close second. But hiring a Security Engineer at your small business might not be economically feasible, so what do you do? Are you ready for a six-figure commitment with a single employee, which will only get you one expert defending your perimeter? Or do you want a team of professionals, providing training, managing policy, and securing your network from threats, all at a substantially lower cost than that single employee?

Security, at your Service! At Cyberfore Technologies, we partner with your small business and provide you with a solid and managed defense strategy. You can go about your day managing your business, doing what you do best. We manage your security. We provide comprehensive in-house security awareness training to all your employees twice a year. We train your new hires. We build and put in place a solid security policy structure and make sure all technical business practices adhere to it. We defend your network, both inside and out. We take the struggle of network security from you and provide you with peace of mind to run your business. That is what Cyberfore does. And we do it at a fraction of the cost of hiring a single Security Engineer. We become your partner in defense.

With ransomware attacks growing more than 350% annually, with 41% of companies leaving sensitive data files completely unprotected, and with 65% of companies not even requiring employees to change passwords regularly [1], is it any wonder why these massive data breaches keep happening? With Cyberfore, we will be your partner in best practices and security. We will provide the training, the sound policies, and the technical security to your organization. Don’t let breach happen to you.

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